A Detailed Look – From the Outside

Right out of the box you know the SilverStone TJ08-E is special. The overall build quality is excellent and the black, brushed aluminum front panel is impressive. The clean lines, sleek rounded edges and elegant styling are sure to appeal to a large enthusiast market. Overall the steel chassis is sturdy and light weight. The entire enclosure, inside and out is painted with a scratch-resistant black matt finish.

Both side panels are removable and secured with two thumb screws. The top is also removable (6 screws) which is a feature I really like. I frequently find myself drilling out rivets and tapping new machine screw holes to make a top removable; but none of that is necessary with the TJ08-E!

The front of the TJ08-E enclosure contains openings for two external 5.25” drive bays on top and one external 3.5" bay on the bottom. If you don’t need an external 3.5" device (like a universal card reader) you can put an internal 2.5" or 3.5" drive inside. Behind the grill is the two-speed Air Penetrator 180mm intake fan with a pull-out dust filter. Located in the middle is the I/O panel.

• (2) USB 3.0
• Microphone In
• Headphone Out
• Power On light
• HDD Activity light
• Reset button
• Power On button

The High-Low speed switch for the cooling fan is located around on the right side panel beside the Power On button.

The top panel contains a large grille opening towards the back over the power supply compartment, which is fitted with an easily removable magnetic dust filter. This opening should line up perfectly with the power supplies top mounted intake fan (120~140mm) and provides fresh outside air directly to the power supply.

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