A Detailed Look – From the Outside (Cont’d)

Moving around to the rear of the enclosure reveals a fairly typical ATX-tower layout except there are only four expansion card slots. There are numerous rear exhaust grills to provide an exit path for warm exhaust air to flow out the back of the chassis. If you want even more airflow you can mount an optional 120mm fan in the provided opening behind the motherboard/CPU area.

At the top of the rear panel is a dedicated power supply compartment for mounting a standard ATX power supply unit. As we mentioned before, there is a filtered opening on top of the case to supply the power supply with fresh outside air.

All of the expansion card brackets contain ventilation slots, which along with the three different grill openings on the back, allows warm air to exhaust out the rear of the case driven by the positive internal air pressure.

Flipping the TJ08-E case upside down exposes four rubber feet. Also notice the adjustable CPU support bracket mounting screws, which allows moving the bracket front-to-back and up-and-down to line up under the center of a large CPU cooler.

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