A Detailed Look – At the Inside

As mentioned previously both side panels and the top are easily removed to gain access into and work inside the TJ08-E enclosure. All of the interior surfaces are painted black, just like the exterior.

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

Looking into the TJ08-E enclosure from the right side reveals a fairly typical ATX mid-tower case layout. The removable motherboard tray dominates the large open area towards the lower left corner. It contains a large opening behind the CPU socket area that allows changing CPU cooler back plates while mounting a cooler without having to remove the motherboard.

The top of the case is divided into two compartments. The one in front is designed to mount two external 5.25" devices, like a DVD-ROM, hot-swap HDD bay, or Blu-ray player/burner. The compartment towards the back allows mounting a standard ATX style power supply. There is a lot of space available behind the power supply compartment and motherboard tray for routing and storing cables – very nice!

Note: Make sure you select a power supply that is no more than 160mm (6.3") deep. It’s also important to select 5.25" drives/devices that are no more than 6~7" deep to leave room between the drives and power supply for connecting cables.

The large, two speed 180mm Air Penetrator fan is mounted on the front panel right below the 5.25" external drive bay compartments and I/O panel component cabling. A large dust filter sits in front of the fan which can be easily accessed from either side of the case without having to remove any panels.

Here are a couple pictures of the internal HDD bays.

The removable HDD cage is located right behind the big intake fan and can hold up to four 3.5" drives. Remove two screws and the cage just slides out. A separate compartment at the bottom of the stack can hold one external 3.5" device or one internal 2.5" or 3.5" drive. If you don’t plan to use an external 3.5" device this is a good place to put an internal SSD and the SilverStone case badge can go on the front of the 3.5" bay cover on the outside.

Mounted on the bottom of the case is a small plastic collapsible CPU cooler support bracket. This little device can be positioned (front-to-back and up-and-down) to support the weight of a large tower style cooler and keep it from torquing the CPU mount.

Removing the left side panel provides access to the areas behind the motherboard tray and beside the power supply, which is a great place to route and store cables.


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