A Detailed Look

The Cerwin-Vega! XD3 Powered Desktop Speakers are a 2.0 speaker system meaning they provide a front left and right speaker for reproducing 2-channel, stereo sound. Note the .0 indicates they do not include a separate subwoofer for LFE.

The wood enclosures are constructed from ½" thick, vinyl-laminated MDF and use a vented design with a bass port on the back of each enclosure to enhance low frequency response. The XD3’s are two-way speakers that use a ¾" silk dome tweeter and a 3" woofer. Each enclosure contains an electronic cross-over to route the high frequencies to the tweeter and low frequencies to the woofer.

The left enclosure contains a 15 watt per channel stereo power amplifier that drives both speakers. There is a power cord connection and master On-Off switch on the back of the left enclosure. The right speaker connects to the left speaker with a short length of 2-conductor speaker wire (included).


The Vega-Bass selector switch on the back of the left enclosure allows the end user to tailor the bass response of the XD3 speaker system to his or her personal preference. With the Vega-Bass switch in the "On" position, the XD3 speakers will increase the low frequency gain. With the Vega-Bass switch in the "Off" position, the XD3 speakers will be set to a more natural flat response.

Moving around to the front of the left speaker brings us to the master volume control and the Aux in and Headphone out jacks. Inserting a 1/8" stereo headphone plug into the Headphone jack will mute the speakers. The white plastic ring around the Volume control lights up red when the power is turned on. Note: there is no On-Off switch function built into the volume control. You have to use the master power switch on the back of the left speaker to turn the XD3 speaker system On and Off.

Self-adhesive foam pads for vibration isolation came pre-installed on the bottom of each speaker.

Removing the back panel from the left speaker reveals the internal components (two drivers and acoustic padding) and sturdy construction of the vinyl-laminated MDF enclosure.

Attached to the inside of the left speaker’s back panel is the 15 watt per channel stereo amplifier and crossover. As we will see later, this little amp can generate a lot of clean power to drive the speakers to very impressive volume levels.

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