BIOS Features

Gigabyte has transformed the UEFI BIOS concept for their series of X79 motherboards. They created a 3D BIOS using their DualBIOS technology they patented several years ago. The 3D BIOS technology is based off two 8MB ROMs that provide users with primary and backup UEFI BIOS. The graphical interface is more pleasing to the eye versus older Award BIOS, but some users will have to learn where all the basic BIOS functions are located for monitoring temperatures and voltages and overclocking the CPU and memory.

3D BIOS Screen


Main Menu


M.I.T. Current Status Menu


M.I.T. Advanced Frequency Settings


M.I.T. Advanced CPU Core Features


M.I.T. Advanced Memory Settings


M.I.T. 3D Power Control


M.I.T. 3D Power Control continued


M.I.T. PC Health Status


M.I.T. PC Health Status continued


System Main Menu


BIOS Features Main Menu


Peripherals Main Menu


Power Management Main Menu

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