It is nice to see new members on the PC Perspective Forums, or even members who have been around for a while but haven’t been as active as they once were.  We especially love the ones that aren’t afraid to overclock their first machine, if you are going to jump into building your own machine you might as well do it with both feet.  Doing so leads to all sorts of interesting roads, first you start out buying your first UPS and the next thing you know you are building amazing mods like this.

Unfortunately after a while you become older than dirt and may become jaded after forty ‘leven releases of GPUs you cannot buy even if you have the money to do, or you run into one too many audio card issues.  If you do hit that point, why not try a new operating system?  Go for a walk with a well dressed flightless waterfowl or jump through a Window you’ve never tried before … if you haven’t tried an OS recently you can be guaranteed it will be different from the last time you tried it. 

If that doesn’t do it for you then sell all your kit at the Trading Post, though that means you won’t be able to argue at The Lightning Round, game with the Fraggin’ Frogs, chug with the BOINCers and F@Hers or even watch this weeks podcast … so maybe one more hour of troubleshooting before you toss all your high tech out.