Step 3: Windows 8 Consumer Preview First Boot Setup

This page continues from the DVD (ISO file) setup and details the Windows setup that Microsoft asks users to go through to set up the main user account and set up things like Windows Update.  

Once the virtual machine reboots, you’ll be presented with the newly installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s boot screen. Now the OS will ask you to run through a few simple configuration settings before presenting you with the metro start screen.

The first thing Windows will ask you to configure is the PC name and metro start screen backup color. Some users may be disappointed to see no "disable metro" button (heh).

Next up, Windows 8 will show you the express settings and give you the option to customize them.

If you choose to customize the settings, you’ll be presented with the following options (seen below). The first customization screen asks you whether or not you should turn on network sharing and discovery.

Next up are options related to security and Windows Update including whether or not to enable automatic updates and Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen Filter.

The next two screens ask you to customize what information you elect to share with Microsoft, what Windows is allowed to download online information on for troubleshooting, and what information (including location) the OS is allowed to share with Metro applications.

Settings customization page two (detailed above).

Microsoft will then ask you for an email or Windows Live account. If it is a Windows Live account, Microsoft will then ask you to log in by entering the email and password.

Further, Windows will ask you to provide a phone number and/or alternate email to verify the account in case you forget the password.

Following this step, you will (finally) be presented with your shiny new Windows 8 Consumer Preview Metro Start Screen!

Your OS is now fully installed and ready for all the testing you can shake your mouse, keyboard, and multitouching fingers at!  Continue on to the next page for the conclusion!

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