PCMark Vantage

Futuremark’s benchmark suite, PCMark Vantage, was released in 2010 we published an initial article on the new software that looked at some CPU performance as well as providing overviews for all the individual testing suites it uses and what kind of applications they emulate.  The new Vantage software takes a much more real-world user-scenario approach to testing that previous PCMark software and as such deserves more time our benchmark analysis. 










PCMark Vantage is one of the most definitive synthetic benchmarks that gives hardware reviewers a comprehensive look at every performance category that users should care about in their PCs. One of the most interesting scores we recorded was during the gaming benchmark where the X79A-GD65 (8D) scored almost 1,000 points higher than the X79-UD5. This isn’t really consistent with the synthetic or real-world gaming benchmarks we recorded earlier in so we may need to take these scores with a grain of salt. The MSI offering also posted solid numbers in the hard drive test, but lost by a few points to the Gigabyte X79-UD5 in overall results.

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