MSI’s Lightning Series of graphics cards are among Josh’s favourites and once he manages to claw enough time together to wrap up his testing you shall see his impressions of the latest member of that laudable series.  In the meantime, [H]ard|OCP have put up their review of the MSI R7970 Lightning, clocked at an impressive 1070MHz which ensures you will not see a GHz Edition label on the card, though from [H]’s testing you might not get much more out of the card.  This card is also the first chance we have to see the Twin Frozr IV cooling system in action and it kept the GPU cooler than the stock model even when the fully overclocked card was set to full load and did it quietly as well.  You will pay a bit of a premium over stock models but you also get a card with a lot more to offer.

"MSI is launching its new flagship Radeon HD 7970 based Lightning series video card this week. This highly customized video card takes the Radeon HD 7970 and adds all sorts of features. Will the extra customizations like "GPU Reactor" add up to a stellar overclock? We’ll put this video card to the test and find out."

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