Frame Rate Target

Yet another feature that NVIDIA is bringing to the GTX 680, via software applications like EVGA Precision X (and quite a few others) is frame rate targeting.  This feature allows gamers to set their own maximum frame rates, essentially telling the GPU to not bother pushing above it.

In this screenshot from EVGA’s software you’ll see I set the frame rate target at 80 FPS.  This indicates that I would like to cap the frame rate at 80 FPS since I personally don’t see any advantages over that.  You can set it to just about anything, it’s up to you.  If the game won’t run that fast (for example, if it runs closer to 60 FPS), this option does nothing.

Running Deus Ex: Human Revolution with this setting off and on produces the intended result.  But it also produces another interesting one thanks to technology NVIDIA has included to limit power consumption.

On the left side of this graph is the power (by percentage) that the GPU is using, and you can see that is it clearly hitting near its 100% level.  On the right side; however, is the same run of DE:HR with the frame limit set to 80 FPS – it operates at much less than maximum power.

And the result is much lower power consumption 45 watts less to be exact!  This saves on power usage, temperature, and fan noise as well producing a better overall experience for the user in older games or games that simply run at much higher than necessary frame rates.  For PC gamers that play CS:S in addition to BF3, this could be a really cool (no pun intended) feature.

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