It has been a little while since we last visited the PC Perspective Forums and it seems that during that time there has been a little bit of worry about how PC Perspective will cope with the death of the PC.   Do not fret loyal readers, even as the desktop morphs into something unrecognizable and the technology inside shrinks and changes, PC Perspective will still be obsessively following the technology and keeping you informed of all of the latest and greatest developments … except for those lousy consolesUnfortnately the same cannot be said for Abit.

Even if your personal computer is a tiny speck you can be guaranteed that will still be technical issues and networking problems, just like there is on your desktop PC.  You will still see stellar guides on how to care and feed your computer as well as knowledgeable forum members sharing their own system builds.  Even the Linux crew will still be around, they might even get the OS up and running on the proverbial dead badger

If that wasn’t enough to send you scurrying then a Podcast run by Josh, Al and myself with no Ryan to control us ought to … he was busy chasing tornadoes around Kentucky.