A Detailed Look at the SS-350M1U

The utilitarian steel gray enclosure is 40.5mm high (1.6"), which conforms to the 1U form factor. Air vents are located on the front end and top side of the enclosure for cooling.

A single 38mm Adda fan is used to move air thru the PSU. The fan speed is automatically controlled by the internal component temperature (speeds up as the combined load and temperature increases) and doesn’t typically even turn on until the PSU is 50% loaded.

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the Seasonic SS-400H1U power supply. The overall layout, build quality and component selection appears to be very good as we have come to expect from Seasonic.

The primary section features a single high-quality Nippon Chemi-Con capacitor (330uF, 400V and 105°C). A combination of electrolytic and solid polymer caps are used on the secondary.


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