It is a sad thing to see the end of a hardware manufacturer or reseller as it means that a chunk of your old kit will no longer be usable and that maybe it really is time to toss out that old FIC motherboard.  Recently Abit shut its doors and closed its website, removing access to the legacy drivers which some members used and this week someone discovered the same thing about Soyo which means that they need to search long and hard to find drivers for their Dragon.  If you have any old kit from those manufacturers maybe it is time to let them go and start stockpiling ‘newer’  old hardware or at the very least put it up on The Trading Post to see if fellow PCPer members would be interested in it.

Old hardware is not a worry for this forum member as you can tell from the X79 motherboard paired with an i7-3960X that was pushed all the way to 4.75Ghz at a voltage of 1.416V.  Something tells me that hardware pushed to that extreme has a short but very impressive life, whether it is cooled mostly by air or by a custom water cooler