Results: 3DMark Vantage

3DMark Vantage is actually a good benchmark for CPU performance as the two CPU tests are nicely multi-threaded. The rendering tests are also heavily CPU dependent with the very fast R7970 running at 720P resolution.

Our first surprise is that the FX-6200 only barely exceeds the performance of the X4 980. The 1100T easily outpaces the 6200 at stock speeds. Only when overclocked does the FX move ahead.

In the GPU tests I was honestly surprised by the lower FPS numbers at stock speed. The GPU tests are not as heavily multi-threaded as the CPU tests, but the disparity of numbers here raises a few eyebrows. At 4.5 GHz the FX-6200 barely keeps up with the X4 980.

The two CPU tests are just as interesting as the previous results. Going into these tests I was assuming that the FX part would be cleaning house here with the combination of next generation Bulldozer technology running at significantly higher speeds. I was wrong. In Test 1 the FX barely keeps up with the 1100T, and in Test 2 it frankly just gets destroyed by the 1100T. In fact, it barely trails the 4 thread capable X4 980. Even overclocked the FX cannot reach the same performance plateau as the previous gen X6 1100T.


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