Results: Cinebench R11.5 and WME 64

Cinebench R11.5

This updated test uses the latest rendering engine technology from Maxon and handles multi-threaded performance in a more efficient way than the previous Cinebench R10. It does not report a single core result, but we get a pretty good idea of that from the previous test.

Ouch. The six thread FX-6200 is barely faster than the four thread capable X4 980. Let us not talk about the FX’s performance against the X6 1100T. Even at 4.5 GHz the FX cannot overcome the 1100T.

Windows Media Encoder 64 Bit Edition

WME 64 bit is a free media encoder/transcoder that is multi-thread aware. I took a full 1080P 240 MB clip and transcoded it to 480P/ 1mbps VBR with a final size of 47 MB.

We are again disappointed by the performance of the FX-6200. It does scale nicely when overclocked, but the results are still not very impressive.

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