Fans of extreme graphics rejoice as the GTX690 is a reality and it is going to be released May 3rd, though availability may be an issue as it is with the single GPU GTX680.  To get the bad news over with first, the card will cost you somewhere between $900-$1000 to purchase.  You should check out [H]ard|OCP’s coverage as they describe a lot of the details of the construction of the card and its sound levels … no performance hints allowed yet!

Once you’ve read about it, check out Ryan’s picture gallery where not only do you get to see the mysterious flatbar in action, you get to see the card pictured from every angle.

"Tonight we give you a quick sneak peek of what is coming very soon from our friends at NVIDIA. There has been a lot of speculation about a dual GPU card and exactly what technology it will be comprised of. We have had some hands on time with the new GeForce GTX 690 and we have to say it is perfect, inside and out."

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