The Core i7-3770K and CPU Lineup

With all the gory details out of the way, let’s dive into the actual products being announced in the Ivy Bridge family on the desktop side.  Our own Matt Smith will be taking readers through the mobile side of the picture, so be sure to check out his coverage from the PC Perspective home page for that.

The flagship Ivy Bridge processor, the Core i7-3770K, will have a base clock of 3.50 GHz and a top Turbo frequency of 3.90 GHz.  Both of these clocks are 100 MHz higher than that of the Core i7-2600K and match up with the Core i7-2700K.  The 3770K will of course have four cores and support HyperThreading for eight total addressable threads.  The L3 cache size sits at the top end of 8MB and it includes the highest end HD 4000 graphics as well.  The price is right as well with an MSRP of only $313.

Other notable processors in this table include the i5-3570K that does not include HyperThreading and runs at 100 MHz lower base and Turbo clocks, yet comes in at a $100 lower in price at $212.

Also keep an eye on that TDP value – even the highest end Core i7-3770K only runs at 77 watts!  22nm process technology at work!

The rest of the desktop lineup for launch looks good too with the low wattage parts going down to a 45 watt TDP with the Core i7-3770T.  It still has four cores and supports HyperThreading with a base clock of 2.50 GHz and a Turbo clock that is 1.2 GHz higher.  With a 45 watt limit though I won’t expect the 3770T to hit that 3.7 GHz clock speed very often or for very long but it should make the best HTPC or ultra-quiet system builder’s dream list.  

As you would expect with the continuation of the LGA1155 socket, the new Ivy Bridge processors look basically identical to the Sandy Bridge ones before to the naked eye.  If I didn’t have my Sharpie with me at all times processor identification would be a full time position at PC Perspective. 

One thousand one hundred and fifty-five.  Count ’em!

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