Synthetic CPU and Memory


SiSoft Sandra 2012

The latest version of SiSoft Sandra offers up a lot of new features including GPU performance, OpenCL, etc. 

Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge LGA1155 Processor Review - Processors 14

In the basic arithmetic test, the new Core i7-3770K is about 10% faster than the Core i7-2600K and just about matches the Core i7-3820 SNB-E part.  The 6-core / 12-thread beast that is the Core i7-3960X is still the top part here by a noticeable margin. At the standard 1333 MHz memory clock the SNB and IVB parts seem to line up in the 17-18 GB/s range behind the SNB-E parts hitting nearly 30 GB/s.

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