Google BBS Terminal is an art project, not endorsed by Google, which imagines what Google would have looked like if there were around a decade earlier.

Be honest, who here at one point used a telnet client recreationally?

If you feel lucky, there is an interesting art project which has recently been released called Google BBS Terminal. Developed in web standards, the site performs Google search and news queries in a colorful text-only application. The site, as well as being functional, overlays annoying modem and keyboard squeals and clicks to really drill a hole through your nostalgia.

Don’t be Eeeeeevvveeeeeee-dun-dung-greeeeeeeeh

The author has a number of projects on his site including Javascript-based emulators, assemblers, and text-to-speech engines. While I doubt that it will become your dominant search engine, it should be fun to mess around with on a hazy Monday break. Gopher it!