Conclusion, Pricing, and Thoughts



  • Outstanding sequential read and write speeds
  • Best IOPS weve seen out of a spinning disk to date (non-hybrid)
  • Industry leading 5-Year Warranty.


  • HDDs generally struggle to match the thousands of IOPS capable of modern SSDs. As good as it is, the VR just can’t come close to Solid State.

Pricing and Availability:

SSDs just don’t come this big, but here’s the larger capacities for comparison:

OCZ Octane:             512G @ $850 ($1.66 / GB)
Intel 520 Series:         480G @ $800 ($1.67 / GB)
OCZ Vertex 3:          480G @ $770 ($1.60 / GB)
OCZ Vertex 4:          512G @ $700 ($1.37 / GB)
Samsung 830 Series:  512G @ $710 ($1.39 / GB)

And now the start MSRP’s for the new VelociRaptor:

  • 250G @ $160 ($0.64 / GB)
  • 500G @ $210 ($0.42 / GB)
  • 1TB   @ $320 ($0.32 / GB)

Clearly it makes sense to go with the highest capacity here, which is not always the case with SSDs. Another cool data point is that the 600GB VR was $0.55 / GB when it was released! Even on the bleeding edge we still see prices coming down.


Standard Western Digital 5-year Warranty – as WD has always applied to their higher end storage.


It’s a Hard Drive, and HDDs have the luxury of not being so sensitive to performance and flash management issues. With that, well, there’s really nothing to discuss here :).

Final Thoughts:

Western Digital has done well to keep the VelociRaptor pedigree alive with this new 1TB model. We saw notable imporvements across the board, as well as some very impressive throughput figures breaking the 200MB/sec mark. While spinning disks have a ways to go before they can compete with solid state, the new VelociRaptor does extremely well and tops all other spinning disks out there, at a cost/GB way cheaper than any SSD!

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