It has been a while since last we visited the PC Perspective Forums on the front page but that does not imply that nothing has happened.  There are still problems to be solved with Operating Systems, ancient system BIOS upgrades and the ever popular driver questions to be answered.  You can learn about IvyBridge motherboards or finagling your second wireless router to behave as a WAPDrop by the Leaderboard Forum where you can discuss not only my picks for the Hardware Leaderboard but also any other PC builds you might be considering.

If your concerns are more specific then move on from the more general Forums to get help, be it recommendations about ASRock Z77 boards or maybe you have a Phenom II you want to overclock and enable extra cores on.  Pop by the Graphics Forum and discuss AMD’s new Catalyst release as well as the new schedule or get right to the heart of the system with the Processor and the Overclocking Forums.

Our BOINC and Folding@Home teams are always looking for new members and new debaters in The Lightning Round are welcome to hope into the fray.  Those who like swap meets will love The Trading Post and for those of you just looking for a little high weirdness can hit the Off Topic Forum to create their own or witness ours in the latest PC Perspective Podcast!