Power Consumption, Temperatures and Noise

With all the power efficiency improvement talk that NVIDIA has been pushing on us since learning about the new Kepler GPU, we were eager to see how the actual power consumption actually turned out.

The GTX 670 uses about 20 watts less power than the GTX 680 in our testing, drawing just under 300 watts in our complete test system.  After looking at our performance results on the previous pages then the power consumption difference between the Radeon HD 7970 3GB and the GTX 670 – the Kepler architecture continues to impress with its efficiency.

Temperatures are right in line with what we expected- the reference cooler does a good enough job keeping the GTX 670 under the 80C mark even under a full load.  

While I don’t have a graph here to show you the sound levels that the GTX 670 puts off because of a variance in our testing environment, I have talked with a couple other reviewers and with NVIDIA to validate my "by the ear" claim that the GTX 670 falls right in line with the GTX 680.  After all, we are using the same fan and controller in the two cards so I would expect the new GTX 670 to sit right in line with our GTX 680 results seen here.

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