A Detailed Look

The SilverStone Nightjar 500W Fanless power supply enclosure is fabricated from aluminum and measures 160mm (6.3”) deep. Instead of using a traditional fan for cooling, the ST50NF incorporates a large, passively cooled heatsink on the top surface to dissipate waste heat. The deep-finned heatsink is machined from a solid piece of aluminum.

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

The Nightjar 500W fanless PSU includes a master On-Off switch and AC receptacle on the back panel along with two operating status LEDs (Power and Temperature). The PWR LED is normally yellow when power is applied and the PSU is in Stby; it turns green when the power supply is operating normally, and will turn red if a fault should occur. The TEMP LED is normally green but turns red if the external heatsink temperature exceeds 55°C. All four sides are covered with open honey-comb grills to allow for airflow in and out of the power supply for cooling.

The Nightjar 500W Fanless power supply uses all fixed cables, which are covered with braided plastic mesh sleeving.

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

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