BIOS Features

ASUS created a unique UEFI BIOS with a stylish graphical interface to help novice and advanced users refine and tweak every component in their PCs. Users can customized the UEFI BIOS in EZ or advanced modes and save screenshots for sharing system info or troubleshooting issues by pressing F12. Users can also press F3 to access their most used BIOS options quickly.

Main Menu (EZ Mode)


Main Menu (Advanced Mode)


Ai Tweaker Main Menu


Ai Tweaker CPU Strap Options (100-250MHz)


Ai Tweaker Memory Frequency Options (DDR3 800-2666 MHz)


Ai Tweaker DRAM Timing Control Menu


Ai Tweaker DIGI+ Power Control Menu


Ai Tweaker CPU Performance Settings Menu


Ai Tweaker CPU/Memory Voltage Options


Advanced Main Menu


Advanced CPU Configuration Menu


Advanced System Agent Configuration Menu


Advanced SATA Configuration Menu


Advanced Onboard Device Configuration Menu


Monitor Main Menu


Boot Main Menu


Tool Main Menu

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