Power Consumption and Temperatures

With all the power efficiency improvement talk that NVIDIA has been pushing on us since learning about the new Kepler GPU, we were eager to see how the actual power consumption actually turned out.

One of the ways that NVIDIA’s higher end Kepler chips have been able to differentiate from previous generations is by offering best in class performance while also being more power efficient than the competition. While the performance of the GT 640 is definitely suspect, the power consumption numbers are great to see with a 10 watt delta between it and the HD 7750 under a full load. Comparing the GT 640 to the previous generation GTS 450 card, there is a HUGE power consumption difference of 47 watts! That is nearly enough for another GT 640.

The GK107 chip is also running quite cool, in part least thank to the larger heatsink that Galaxy has used to whisk the heat away. At only 54C in our testing that does give the GT 640 an advantage in terms of power, heat and noise for a HTPC integration.

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