The Galaxy GT 640 GC 1GB Graphics Card

Galaxy shipped us their factory overclocked model of the GeForce GT 640 known as the GC model. This card sees a modest frequency increase to 950 MHz on the core and 891 MHz on the GDDR3 memory clock.

As with previous GT models, the new GT 640 has a short PCB and could potentially be built with a single slot cooler though our Galaxy card here uses a dual-slot design.

The design on the GT 640 is pretty simple and you can easily see the entire layout on the back of the PCB.

The first thing you should notice is that the GT 640 does not require any kind of external power connection in this kind of configuration. This allows the GT 640 to run in system that are using smaller power supplies and to be added to desktop OEM systems that might not have proper cabling for discrete GPUs.

Because the GT 640 is powered by Kepler, users of the Galaxy GC card will be able to run three monitors off of this budget GPU. The connection configuration includes a full-size HDMI port, dual-link DVI and VGA connection.

The cooler on the Galaxy GT 640 GC card is fairly robust even for a GPU of this kind of power consumption and the fan/shroud combination is pretty quiet while also hiding an interesting feature. Notice the “cleaning mode” indicator

By pulling on these clips you can actually swing the fan shroud up and away from the fan and heatsink so that you can clean out the heatsink. I actually like this cooler design more than Galaxy’s previous options that raised the fan itself out of the housing.

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