ioSafe / Hitachi HDD Benches

For the ioSafe 1TB model, a Hitachi HDD was chosen. Here is the model number as reported to the OS when connected via eSATA:

Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 JP4OA3EA (1000.2GB)

Connecting via USB gives similar results, but the model reported changes slightly to reflect the alternate link:

DMI HDS721010CLA332 1.08 (1000.2GB)

With the ioSafe acting as a simple bridge to the internal HDD, there’s no need for a full workup, simply a verification of performance. eSATA was linked to our testbed’s Promise-based eSATA port. Here are the results:

…and now for the USB 2.0 link results:

Performance was on-par with this Hitachi model in any given eSATA / USB 2.0 enclosure, so no surprises here. All was as it should be.

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