Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • ioSafe: Insane levels of data protection (fire! flooding! lightning! ponies!)
  • DiskStation: Excellent NAS multitasker that does not skimp on features or speed.


  • The ioSafe and the DiskStation are both pricey items, but both are quality products for the money.

Side-by-side pic of the SoloPRO and DiskStation 212+. They look even better when they are both fired up along side each other.

Pricing and Availability:

ioSafe SoloPRO:

  • 1TB – $350 (as tested)
  • 2TB – $500
  • 3TB – $600
  • 4TB – $850

Synology DiskStation 212+ (street prices):

  • (diskless) – $340
  • 2x1TB – $660

Final Thoughts:

While we don’t have the capacity to properly ‘crash test’ the ioSafe SoloPRO, we consider that a good thing. When causing a HDD to corrupt data requires a flame thrower and a visit from the local Fire Department (and even then it will likely be just fine), they are clearly doing something right in terms of data protection. While the cost may be prohitive to some, it all comes down to the value you place on your locally stored data. For those looking to data recovery services after a catastrophie, the cost of the unit is insignificant when compared to the cost of that big data recovery – something also covered in the purchase price of the ioSafe. When it comes to the only remaining copy of your data, the more insurance you have, the better.

The Synology DiskStation 212+ is a very nice little NAS device. With ample connectivity options, a punchy CPU, and excellent measured network throughput, it certainly appears to be more capable than its small form factor would have lead you to believe. It may not be fireproof like the ioSafe, but it will give you speedy and reliable network access to your SoloPRO, increasing the odds that your data has all made it to the ioSafe before the elements reach it. Remember, you’re dealing with Murphy’s Law here – you need all of the help you can get.


The ioSafe SoloPRO gets my Editors Choice for its ability to quite literally take a licking and keep on ticking.

The Synology DiskStation gets our Gold Award for its very speedy performance, flexibility, and the fact that I’m still finding new features weeks after I fired the thing up:

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