Results: Skyrim

This is the latest benchmark added to my testing suite, and much needed. While LOTRO was a DirectX 11 based title, it really was showing its age. Though Skyrim is officially a DirectX 9 title, it is far more stressful than LOTRO ever was. Settings are put at Ultra, 16X AF, and 8X AA with FXAA enabled and all distances maxed out. The optional high resolution textures are used. A manual run-through of Whiterun was captured by FRAPS. VSYNC is disabled through the ini file.

Those results are interesting. And not in a really good way. It is tough to make heads or tails of these results, and only at 2560×1600 do we see things somewhat shake out as expected. Somewhat. In this particular case the 7870 is slightly ahead of the 7950. All settings are the same and the cards were tested on the same system. I guess Skyrim has enough peculiarities still that it is not as reproducible as we had hoped?


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