If you have quad SLI/Crossfire, dual CPUs and dozens of hard drives you might find yourself in a position where a 1600W PSU is something you actually need.  That is where the LEPA 1600W PSU come in, with 10 eight pin PCIe connectors and 14 SATA connectors as well as numerous molex connectors for your fans.  [H]ard|OCP’s testing showed that this PSU did deserve it’s 80 PLUS Gold rating and more importantly it provided solid power.  It sports a decent price, in fact it is almost the same price as several PSUs which are rated at 250W lower.  There was something about the unit which kept it from earning a Gold Award but you will have to read the full review to see why [H] decided on Silver for this PSU.

"LEPA is an Ecomaster company and Ecomaster distributes Enermax products and has Enermax design the LEPA PSU line. So what are our expectations from the current ultimate desktop PSU packing a whopping 1600 watts? Should it be better than a four year old 1600 watt power supplies on the market?"

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