Introduction and Features

The SilverStone CW02 is a large, premium HTPC enclosure capable of housing a full high-end gaming system or multi-media server.

SilverStone Technology was one of the original manufacturers to enter the HTPC case market and they continue to offer one of the largest selections of HTPC enclosures available today. SilverStone currently offers 18 different HTPC enclosures spanning three different series including the Crown, Grandia and Lascala series. In addition to designing premium HTPC enclosures, SilverStone has a long-standing reputation among PC enthusiasts for providing a full line of high quality computer chassis, power supplies, cooling components, and accessories.

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

The Crown Series CW02 HTPC chassis that we will be taking an in depth look at in this review is a beautiful enclosure capable of housing a full, high-end gaming system or media server and provides internal storage for up to six HDDs and comes with a built-in multifunction LCD display and remote control. The all aluminum alloy CW02 features elegant styling and is available with either a black or silver (clear) anodized finish, which is sure to blend in and compliment your other high-end, audio-video equipment.

Over the past several months I have received several inquiries from readers asking about a HTPC enclosure that is capable of housing a high-end gaming system or multi-media server. As one reader wrote; "I’m looking for a large, high quality HTPC case that will let me install my dual purpose gaming system and media server. It needs to have plenty of room for a full size ATX mobo, dual graphic cards, a large PSU, good case cooling and at least 5 internal 3.5" drive bays (four HDDs and one SSD)." At first glance it appears the CW02 may be just what this reader is looking for. Later on, we are going to install a high-end gaming system (water-cooled Intel i7 CPU, dual GTX680 graphics cards, 1000W PSU, and 12 Terabytes of storage space) into the CW02 enclosure; this should be fun.


Here is what SilverStone has to say about the Crown Series CW02 HTPC chassis: "The Crown Series CW02 was designed for one purpose: allowing users to really appreciate what a HTPC chassis is designed for. At first glance, the daring appearance of its exterior design, premium all aluminum construction and extra thick reinforced aluminum face plates, sets off an understated sophistication with a touch of bold persona. On the other hand, the interior design of the CW02 is able to accommodate extended length graphic cards, proficiently displaying the HTPC system at its best. Capable of installing CPU coolers of 160mm in height for additional cooling options, this spacious accommodation assures the highest performance system possible. Users can enjoy their performance system with a built in state-of-the-art multi language LCD display and a 52-in-1 card reader under the hood. The CW02 has the potential to be named "The Best of" in every category."

SilverStone Crown Series CW02 HTPC Chassis Key Features:

• High-end HTPC system
• Premium, heavy grade aluminum alloy construction
• Available in Black or Silver
• Multilanguage, multifunction LCD display with remote control
• iMON software supports Win XP (SP2) and Win 7 (x86, x64)
• Dual large control knobs for volume and navigation control
• Supports ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards
• Supports extended length graphic cards
• Supports CPU coolers up to 160mm tall
• One external 5.25" optical drive bay for DVD/Blu-ray player
• Six internal 3.5" drive bays for multi-terabyte storage
• Suspended vibration dampening on hard drive cages
• Excellent case ventilation with multiple dedicated vents
• 120mm Quiet exhaust fan on back included
• Additional mounting holes for two optional 92mm case fans
• Built-in 52-in-1 card reader
• Front I/O ports and card reader concealed behind front door

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