A Detailed Look – At the Outside

The SilverStone CW02 is a very impressive HTPC enclosure with a significant WOW factor that hits you as soon as you take it out of the box. The CW02 is taller than most HTPC enclosures and the styling will make it a show piece in any high-end AV equipment stack. The clean lines and sculpted curves on the front panel are reminiscent of newer Marantz audio equipment. The overall build quality is excellent and the aluminum alloy chassis is sturdy and light weight.

A multilanguage, multifunction LCD display is mounted in the center of the front panel with two large control knobs (Function and Volume) located symmetrically on either side. These are enabled by the included iMON/iMEDIAN software and can be controlled via the iMON Pad remote control. A full size 5.25" optical drive bay is located above the LCD display. The main power On-Off button is located towards the lower right corner while the Power On and HDD Activity lights are mounted towards the lower left.

iMON Pad Remote

Below the LCD display is a stealth front door that smoothly opens at the press of a finger and conceals a 52-in-1 card reader and the front panel I/O ports and system reset button.

• (2) USB 2.0
• 1394 Firewire
• Microphone In
• Speaker Out
• Reset button

The removable, heavy gauge aluminum top panel is secured with ten socket-head cap screws.

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