A Detailed Look – At the Inside

Removing the top panel exposes the cavernous insides of the CW02 HTPC chassis. The internal layout is similar to a standard mid-tower ATX enclosure and is not nearly as small and cramped like so many HTPC cases are.

Looking in towards the back we see the backside of the rear panel, with the power supply located against the left side, seven expansion card slots in the middle and a 120mm exhaust fan on the right. The expansion card slot covers are held in place with cap screws, which means all the installed expansion cards will also be securely locked down. Threaded stand-offs are used to mount the motherboard with patterns to accommodate both ATX and Micro-ATX form factors.

Now let’s take a look towards the front, inside the CW02 chassis. Two 3.5" internal HDD bays are located on either side with the LCD display controller board in the middle. Towards the bottom you will see the backside of the 52-in-1 card reader enclosure and towards the top are two aluminum angle brackets for mounting an internal 5.25" optical drive.

Each HDD bay can hold up to three 3.5" devices and is suspended with vibration isolation rubber bushings from an outside aluminum frame.

The card reader has been removed in the photo above and you can clearly see the backside of the LCD display controller and all the cabling coming from the various installed electronic components and I/O ports.

In this photo you can see one of the two bottom vent openings (one under each HDD cage), which can be used to mount optional 92mm intake fans for additional airflow and case cooling if desired.

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