iMON/iMEDIAN Software Installation

Before we get into the actual software let’s take a quick look at the iMON hardware wiring requirements. To begin with SilverStone supplies an ATX power cable adapter that plugs in between the main 24-pin PSU cable and the mobo connector to supply the LCD controller and IR remote sensor with power (+5vsb) while the computer is turned off.

The following cable connections must be made inside the CW02 to enable the multifunction LCD display and remote control.

• 24-pin ATX power cable adapter (between PSU and mobo)
• Small 3-pin power connector from LCD controller to ATX power cable adapter
• USB cable from LCD controller to mobo USB header
• Pwr-On 2-pin switch wire from LCD controller to mobo

In this section we are going to look at the software that comes with the SilverStone CW02 HTPC chassis to enable the remote control and multifunction LCD display. Unfortunately the only thing included in the box is a CD; no printed installation guide or operations manual. After a quick check of the contents of the CD, which appeared to be very out-dated, I went to the SilverStone website and downloaded the latest drivers and documentation (iMON Manager 7.77.1022).

The setup application installs two different applications; iMON and iMEDIAN. The iMON Manager is the application that is used to setup and control the multifunction LCD display and various other applications.

After installing iMON Manager 7.77.1022 and launching the application, I was immediately greeted with a dialogue box telling me to go to the iMON support website (, download a new version of iMON Manager, delete the existing version, and re-install the new version (iMON Manager 8.04.0629). OK…

After running the setup program again and installing the latest and greatest version, it proceeded to phone home and update itself to version 8.12.1202, which provides support for both Windows XP (SP2) and Windows 7 (x86, x64).

Once we finally got up and running we are asked a couple basic questions to configure the system before being turned loose into the iMON Manager application. The iMON Manager application is always available from the desktop and can be accessed to set various control parameters and configure the related applications.

FrontView is the application that controls the LCD display, which I found was very hard to photograph.

There are numerous other screens in iMON Manager to tweak and play with to get everything setup and operating the way you like.


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