Blizzard has released a new video to get us all excited about the upcoming expansion pack for Starcraft 2. Most of the changes announced at Blizzcon have been once again altered — and the video more closely reflects what we should see when the game is launched.

Blizzard is one of the companies known for leaving nothing sacred from a patch.

Can you guess what their pre-release changelog is like?

Several months ago at Blizzcon we were introduced to the proposed Heart of the Swarm changes. A development blog post from Dustin Browder in mid-April discussed removing the shredder, changing the warhound, as well as bringing back the mothership and overseer and otherwise sweeping changes through everything.

Nothing is sacred except the marine… trollololololololol.

The mothership in and around the Beta had several abilities unique to the Starcraft universe such as the wormhole transit, temporal rift, and planet cracker. By game’s release the mothership was a big and slow arbiter from Brood War — at least if you consider vortex and stasis field to be the same spell. At the start of the changes it looked as though Blizzard would once again return to what they have done in the past. Thankfully they still seem to be trying new and unusual things.

For all of you who loved the Mothership and Carrier tech… the Mothership is back!

Were your carri-ears burning? Sorry for that… poor Mr. Lonely.

Also released is the first Battle Report which gives us our first casted look at the game as it currently stands. Sean (Day[9]) Plott and Rob Simpson cast two Blizzard employees playing on the new expansion pack. My first reaction is that Protoss might be a little too harassment focused and that Zerg might be a little too powerful in straight-up battles.

But I know as well as anyone that it will take time to see what works and Blizzard will change what does not without any form of hesitation.