My Net series from WD includes new FasTrack tech to prioritize streams over downloads

A few weeks ago I witnessed a technology demo by Western Digital. I arrived expecting to see something storage related, but what I saw was completely different – a new line of routers!

The new ‘My Net’ series of Western Digital routers are intended to cover the mid to high end of the home usage spectrum. Models start with 4 ports of Fast Ethernet and scale all the way up to 7x GigE switching. All models support some form of simultaneous dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz), with a minimum of 2×2 and scaling up to 3×3 configurations (more detail / explanation on that later).

While all models have USB 2.0 connectivity for storage devices, the top tier will be available with an integrated 1TB or 2TB 2.5" Hard Disk that can be used for NAS and local backup duties. Here’s a simple feature layout as seen on the back of the My Net N900 Central’s box:

The sample we will be evaluating today is the My Net N900. This is the top tier without an integrated HDD:

Flip the page to watch me void the warranty!


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