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This page lists places where you can find more information about the product, and other resources relating to the gaming headsets that did not fit into the review.

Further Information:


Corsair Vengeance 1300 specifications

Corsair Vengeance 1500 specifications

Dolby Headphone (how it works)

Vengeance 1500 integrated sound card (based on Cmedia 6302 chipset)

Testing hardware:

For those curious, you can find out the specifics of my main desktop machine (and the machine that I did my testing on) over in this forum post. (Updated information on the sound card and cooling are available on page eight).

Replacing the ear pads:

It seems as though Corsair read my mind, because just as I was wrapping up the review I noticed on the company's website that they are now offering replacement ear pads that are compatible with the two Vengeance headsets! This means that it is indeed possible to swap out the padding to either leatherette or microfiber. For example, you could remove the microfiber cloth that comes with the Vengeance 1500 and replace it with the leather padding used on the analog Vengeance 1300.

Two leatherette replacement ear pads.

In my opinion, this is great news as it eliminates one of the larger issues that I had with the physical hardware by giving you a choice of padding depending on your personal preference. The downside is that the replacement pads are pretty pricey at $11.99 for the artificial leather pads and $14.99 for the microfiber pads (and that's before shipping or taxes) respectively.

Two microfiber replacement ear pads.

I think that having the option to switch out the leatherette padding on the Vengeance 1300 is a good thing, but the pricing is less than ideal. Especially in the case of the 1300 where switching out the padding on the $70 headset pushes the final price close to that of the Vengeance 1500! I won't fault them too much, offering a choice in the first place is more than I expected and above what other manufacturers have done in this price range. It's just not ideal. A free (+shipping) swap/trade-in program within the first 7 days or so of purchase would be neat to see, as an alternative solution. 

Anyway, if you are interested in swapping out the padding, Corsair currently has both leatherette and microfiber available on its website.

Leatherette padding– $11.99

Microfiber padding – $14.99

Video Perspective:

A short video for the podcast that shows off the two gaming headsets.


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