Results: 3D Mark 2011


The latest 3D mark features some heavy DX11 content with plenty of tessellation to make most video cards cry. The Performance preset was used.

How about that scaling?  Of course, the 3D Marks will exhibit the best possible performance for a video card and a multi-GPU solution.  Also note that by increasing the memory bandwidth for the R7870 in CF, we get greater than 100% scaling in certain tests.  MSI really should have revisited memory speeds with this particular card at its stock configuration.

The R7870 walks all over the 7850, but that is to be expected.  The R7870 and R7950 are neck and neck.  They are also nearly the same price (before rebates).  It is a tough decision if a user would buy one or the other, but I would be sorely tempted to jump up to the 7950 due to the extra memory and higher overall potential with overclocking

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