Results: DiRT 3


Codemasters has probably the best looking racing games on the planet. They pulled out all stops with DiRT 3. This particular title features plenty of DX11 effects and tessellation (though I think they took a step back with water effects as compared to DiRT 2). The game used the Ultra preset with 4X AA and 16X AF enabled. The built in Aspen benchmark is used.

This is a title that was developed with multi-GPU in mind, and the scaling is great.  Note as well how the extra memory bandwidth in the CrossFire solution allows for greater than 100% scaling when compared to the single card with the lower memory speed.  Note as well the minimum frame rate numbers.  Codemasters are very good with their engines, and it does feel very smooth in action.  All of the cards are playable at the highest resolution, though the 7850 is only barely so with the minimum framerate heading towards 27 fps.

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