Conclusion, Pricing, and Thoughts



  • Whisper quiet operation, even while seeking!
  • Power sipping thanks to Green pedigree.
  • Outstanding sequential read and write speeds.
  • 3-Year warranty with 24/7 support hotline.
  • 1,000,000 hour MTBF (35% boost over other consumer-grade hard drives).


  • Random access performance is low (on-par with WD AV-GP).

Even this close it's hard to tell the Red is even on.

Pricing and Availability:

Here's the current snapshot a couple of days after launch (Newegg prices):

  • 1TB @ $110 ($0.11 / GB)
  • 2TB @ $130 ($0.07 / GB)
  • 3TB @ $180 ($0.06 / GB)

When compared to pricing of other Green and equivalent models on the market right now, it works out to a $10 premium per drive. TLER, automatic dynamic balancing, 24/7 support for 3-years. That's absolutely worth $10 per drive.

Update: These are now for sale on!


Standard Western Digital 3-year Warranty.

Final Thoughts:

Western Digital has seen a future market demand and filled that void brilliantly. The new Red series offers outstanding throughput, dead-silent operation, and even some enterprise features at a cost only slightly above that of the lowest cost consumer drives out there. The ability to continuously and dynamically self balance is a feature unseen in even their own enterprise lines, and is a sure contributor to the 1 Million MTBF rating. I see the Red becoming the defacto standard for all bulk storage array applications. Given the recent push towards the home NAS concept, I think a bunch of folks are going to start seeing Red everywhere (in a good way).

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