Standard ATX Motherboard

The Cooler Master HAF XM enclosure is designed to accommodate Micro-ATX, ATX and E-ATX motherboards.  To see how things line up we installed a standard ATX motherboard.  There is a large cutout behind the CPU socket area and the HAF XM uses threaded standoffs to mount the motherboard. The motherboard slid into position easily and mated up with the standoffs and rear I/O opening as expected.

Graphic Adapter

The HAF XM enclosure can easily accommodate one or more high-end 10.5” long graphics adapters.  Even one of the longer video cards will fit; up to 13.9” (or up to 18.2” long if you remove the upper HDD cage trays and side panel)!  The video card I installed lined up perfectly with the expansion slot opening and had plenty of available cooling air.  Note: Expansion cards are held in place with easy to reach screws and not some flimsy plastic quick-release clip.

(Courtesy of Cooler Master)

Power Supply

The HAF XM enclosure is designed to mount a standard ATX style power supply at the bottom.  The power supply dropped easily into position, sits securely on two rubber mounting pads, and is secured with four screws on the backside panel.  The power supply can be mounted either with the fan up to pull air out of the case or with the fan down. The mesh covered opening on the bottom of the case allows outside air into the PSU when the PSU is mounted with its intake fan down.

External Drive Bays

The front 5.25” drive bay covers must be removed before a 5.25” ODD or bay device can be mounted.  Each drive or bay device then slides in from the front and is secured by sliding the tool-less locking mechanism into the LOCKED position, which engages two small metal pins into the side of the drive’s mounting holes.

Internal Hard Disc Drives

Both the internal HDD cage and front mounted X-Dock bays use slide-out trays to mount the actual HDD.  The internal HDD and X-Dock trays are slightly different but function in the same way.  The plastic tray frame flexes enough to slip a drive into position and is then held in place by four rubber grommet isolated metal pins.  The trays proved very easy to use and require no tools – very nice.

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