A Detailed Look (Cont’d)

The front panel incorporates sixteen modular cable connectors, all nicely labeled. The six 6-pin connectors on the left are for the peripheral cables and there are eight 8-pin connectors on the right for PCI-E and extra CPU cables. The 24-pin mobo cable uses two connectors.  The 4-pin Comm Port connector is where the cable from the Corsair Link USB dongle cable plugs in.

Also note the Self-Test push-button and LED indicator in the upper left corner.

The Corsair AX1200i Digital power supply comes with a large assortment of all modular cables and connectors.  Some of the cables are covered with braided plastic mesh sleeving while others are a flat ribbon-style cable. 

The Corsair AX1200i package includes six PCI-E connector cables for multiple, high-end graphic card support.  Corsair uses the 6+2-pin configuration for added flexibility.

ZVS / ZCS Technology

The AX1200i Digital PSU utilizes Zero Voltage Switching / Zero Current Switching technology to maximize energy efficiency and performance.  Switching mode computer power supplies operate by rapidly switching the primary power transistors on and off with the output voltage being regulated by the associated switching duty cycle.  Conventional power supplies traditionally use "hard-switching", whereby the current and voltage are not switched at 0V and 0A.  This results in switching power losses and increased EMI.

(Courtesy of Corsair)

The Corsair AX1200i utilizes ZVS / ZCS technology to switch at near 0V and 0A, which ensures there are minimal switching losses.  This helps maximize efficiency and further reduces waste heat.

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