Corsair Link Monitoring and Control Software

A Corsair Link USB dongle (FlexPower USB-SMBus Bridge) is included, which allows connecting the AX1200i smart PSU to an internal USB header on the PC’s motherboard. Alternately, a Corsair Link Commander could be used to connect the PSU to the PC’s motherboard. Corsair Link software can be downloaded from the Corsair website and installed on your PC to monitor and control various AX1200i PSU parameters, along with any other Link-enabled pieces of Corsair hardware.

(Courtesy of Corsair)

“The AX1200i uses a server-grade power train architecture and a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide digitally controlled power.  The state-of-the-art DSP-controlled design features proprietary control architecture to allow for dynamic, on-the-fly performance optimization.

This design delivers exceptionally stable power over the whole load range, and automatically compensates for DC output cable voltage drop. This ensures tight DC output voltage regulation without the ripple/noise and other issues associated with traditional PSU architectures.

The AX1200i also incorporates digital interleaved power factor (PF) and PWM control. This ensures the highest possible power factor and lowest total harmonic distortion under all load conditions, via an optimized software algorithm. Also, the digital platform ensures fast real-time performance tuning and power-train optimization, resulting in a state-of-the-art power supply that is simply unmatched in the marketplace. Corsair”

To test the AX1200i Digital PSU with the Corsair Link interface and software we had to clear a spot on the PCPerspective power supply test bench and temporarily move over one of our CPU cooler test beds (the only PC in the lab with an open mobo – all the other PCs are laptops). After downloading the latest beta software from the Corsair website (version 2.0.16) we installed the Corsair Link software on our test PC. 

Installation appeared to be pretty straight forward but after rebooting the PC and launching the Corsair Link application we were disappointed to discover it didn’t see the AX1200i PSU.  After a little troubleshooting and a few emails back and forth with Corsair we found out the required drivers for the Corsair Link USB dongle are not supported by Windows XP, which I have retained over the years on the CPU test bed for continuity in testing.  Corsair told us the Link dongle requires Vista or Win7 driver support; OK.  This shouldn’t be a big deal as most PC enthusiasts and gamers are most likely using Win7 anyway.

So next I went over to the PCPerspective main office  to borrow one of Ryan’s GPU test beds, which is running Win7, to continue our testing. And surprisingly our problems didn’t end there. The required drivers refused to install on not one, but two more different GPU tests computers (X79 based systems). Ryan was finally able to get everything working on a third system that used a Z77 mobo. We have communicated our findings to Corsair and they are actively trying to replicate (and resolve) this issue.

The main screen of the Corsair Link Dashboard software gives a nice overview of all the connected Link devices and their status (System Tab).  The hybrid design of the AX1200i Digital power supply allows for a full suite of telemetry to be communicated from the AX1200i to the PC over a Corsair Link interface via the included USB dongle, or Corsair Link Commander Unit (sold separately). Using the free Corsair Link Dashboard software, you can then monitor a large range of performance variables, including power input and output, efficiency, fan speed, and internal temperature. You can also configure and customize some features, including selecting fan speed profiles, and even select between single rail or multi-rail modes, with selectable OCP trip points. For example, this allows you to configure each PCI-E graphics connector separately, providing a higher maximum amount of current to a high-end GPU in a multi-GPU setup.

Selecting one of the other Tabs like Groups or Graph provides alternate ways of viewing and organizing the data. Selecting the Power Tab takes you to the screen that displays all the AX1200i data and allows making adjustments to many of the parameters.

Note: Many other Corsair products also support the Link technology (SSD, memory modules, water cooling, case fans,  lighting subsystems, GPU Nodes for monitoring PCI-E current loads, etc.) so you can build a state-of-the-art, high-end gaming system with a built in DACS (Data Acquisition and Control System)!

The latest version of Corsair Link software can be downloaded from the Corsair website. And as we explained above, the software will run in Win XP environments but the Corsair Link USB dongle (interface that connects the AX1200i to your PC’s mobo, is only supported by Vista and Win7).

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