The developers from Bohemia Interactive are developing DayZ into a retail standalone game. The pricing structure will be similar to Minecraft with rapid pre-release versions and progressively decreasing discounts as the game reaches closer to release.

Much like their defeated NPCs – developers are Bohemia Interactive are pushing DayZ(s) a second time.

Originally and still currently a mod for ARMA 2, DayZ combines the open world genre with the zombie apocalypse. The survival horror is taken seriously with numerous factors necessary to remain alive and many others attempting to end you. You will be hungry, you will be thirsty, and you may even break a bone. You will also likely swear here and there.

PC Gamer picked up a recent announcement that Bohemia Interactive, developer of the ARMA 2 base game, are in development of a standalone DayZ game with the original mod developer as project lead.

Who wants to bet that we’ll see a DayZ in Plants vs. Zombies?

The original mod will continue to be maintained alongside the retail release. While I am typically skeptical when a company claims something like that, since Bohemia Interactive makes a sale regardless of whether you purchase ARMA2 for DayZ or you purchase DayZ outright it seems at least plausible. Current players of the DayZ mod might not need to be concerned at least for quite some time.

Also announced is the pricing model which DayZ will follow. Releases will come early and often. Much like Minecraft, earlier adopters will pay less as the cost will slowly increase closer and closer to release.

One last little small note: it appears as though the developer has given the DayZ trademark to Bohemia Interactive according to their legal notice. Personally, I would have expected that he could have negotiated to keep it for security in case this turns into another Trauma Studios incident.

If you are interested, be sure to check out the new website for the standalone game.