Carmack keynote, Exhibit Hall vendors

Before I discuss John Carmack's keynote address, I wanted to inform our readers that id Software executive Todd Hollenstead announced yesterday the release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Expansion "Dawnguard" for the PC and a Quakecon 2012 game pack with more than 20 id Software and Bethesda titles that are available on Steam for only $99.99. Gamers can also pre-order Dishonored and get the entire bundle for $79.99!


Carmack keynote address

id Software co-founder John Carmack's annual keynote address started off on a somber note as he apologized for several issues gamers experienced with graphics driver issues when they released their triple AAA title "Rage" for the PC in October last year. Carmack discussed Rage's disappointing PC debut and stated it was "poorly handled" in its lack of driver support. After discussing id Software's Doom 3 RPG Edition for iOS they are demo'ing at Quakecon, Carmack emphasized that the company needs to focus its efforts on Doom 4 development, which means they will be repurposing their mobile development team to work on Doom 4 until it's completed.

Carmack briefly touched on where he seeing the future of streaming games to different platforms and then spent over an hour outlining the deficiences and potential solutions for current virtual reality technology that he said "universally sucked pretty bad". Carmack is backing a project called Oculus Rift who has designed a virtual reality headset that offers stereoscopic 3D gameplay. The project has generated more than $1 million on Kickstarter to support this initiative.

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Exhibit Hall vendors: Cooler Master, MSI, NVIDIA, Razer, Modder's Inc., In Win 

The exhibit hall seems a bit smaller than past years, but that hasn't stopped exibitors like Cooler Master from supporting the event with their line of power supplies, gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and PC cases. Cooler Master has been a staple at Quakecon for more than two years and continues to keep their finger on the pulse of the PC gaming community through events like Quakecon.


PC Perspective joined forces with NVIDIA and MSI to showcase NVIDIA's Surround technology using  MSI's Z77 Big Bang MPower LGA 1155 motherboard and their GTX 680 Lightning graphics cards. This interactive booth shows how well these hardware components can run Skyrim at maximum settings on three 24" LCDs at 5760×1080 resolution!


Razer also made an appearance at this year's Quakecon to show off a new keyboard and mouse to respective PC gamers. The keyboard above is the Razer BlackWidow mechanical keyboard uses a blue switch mechanical key infrastructure to deliver a crisp tactile feedback to gamers.


The Razer Orochi isn't available to consumers yet, but includes an ambidextrous design and customizable ergonomics to fit every hand size using an arched palm rest and back. Razer is also allowing gamers to borrow their DeathAdder or Naga gaming mice as well as their BlackWidow Ultimate or Lycosa keyboards. The loaner program is only for two hours of gaming, but it does give gamers time to test out Razer's products before making their purchasing decisions.


Our partner for this year's PC case modding contest is Modder's Inc., who set up a booth in the exhibit hall to showcase their latest PC mods. They will be judging the case mod contest this year and sending the top two finalists in the scratch PC build and PC case mod categories to be judged by their peers during the PC Perspective hardware workshop on Saturday!


Lastly, one of the most intriguing PC cases I saw on the exhibit hall floor was from In Win called the H-Frame, which is an open-air, mid-tower chassis that has tons of style and flair that will stand out at any LAN party. This case has 11 layers of aluminum and was first unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronics Show earlier in January.

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