A Detailed Look from the Outside (Cont’d)

The left side panel contains a large square opening towards the back (5.5" x 5.5") covered by a plastic mesh grill that can be used to supply fresh outside air to the power supply (assuming the PSU has a top mounted air intake fan).  All of the black plastic intake air grills (both sides and bottom) snap into place and can be easily removed without tools.

The right side panel contains a large rectangular opening (5.5" x 11") also covered by a plastic mesh grill to provide air into the CPU cooler area.  There are locations for two 120mm fans behind this grill (one comes included).  Unfortunately, it does not appear as though there is adequate space to mount a 120mm fan/radiator combination in either of these two locations.

Moving around to the rear of the enclosure reveals a fairly typical ATX layout with the power supply on the right and 7+1 expansion card slot covers in the middle. The GD07 case comes with two side-by-side 80mm exhaust fan openings on the back (fans optional).

Flipping the GD07 case upside down exposes four audio-component style feet.  Also note the filtered vent openings on the bottom that supply air to the two bottom mounted 120mm intake fans (included).


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