Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The SilverStone Grandia Series GD07 is a full-size HTPC enclosure that can support over-sized graphics adapters and even extended ATX motherboards along with a full size ATX power supply and offers multiple drive options.  The case is very well ventilated and offers excellent airflow and case cooling with three pre-installed 120mm fans. The fans do produce a noticeable amount of noise at full speed, which may bother some users.  Slowing the fans down by under-volting or using a fan speed controller are two options if this is an issue. The removable drive cage can accommodate up to four 5.25” devices, four 3.5” HDDs, and two 2.5” SSD/HDDs. However if you install one or more extended length graphics adapters or other expansion cards, that will take up space inside the drive cage and eliminate one or more 3.5” HDD locations. And unless you absolutely need four 5.25” devices we strongly recommend leaving the two left 5.25” bays (vertical orientation) open to provide room for routing/stashing PSU cables.  While the GD07 can easily accept a full-sized ATX mobo, going with one of the new, very capable Micro-ATX motherboards will ease cable management.

Overall, the GD07 is a nice looking and very functional case.  And thanks to its more traditional construction (steel chassis with plastic trim and aluminum front door) the GD07 is more affordable than some of SilverStone’s other high-end HTPC enclosures.  The down side is you’re trading the elegant, hand-built feel of the all-aluminum high-end cases for a more traditional case.  The brushed aluminum front door is very nice looking a provides a clean look by hiding all the front panel drives and I/O panel and can be locked for security. However, if you don’t need the security of a lockable front door and prefer having the exposed drives and I/O panel at your fingertips, the SilverStone Grandia GD08 enclosure may be just what you are looking for!

SilverStone Grandia GD07 HTPC Case

SilverStone Grandia GD08 HTPC Case

The SilverStone Grandia Series GD07 and GD08 HTPC enclosures are currently available from your favorite SilverStone retailers (,, 

• SilverStone Grandia GD07 ($139.99)
• SilverStone Grandia GD08 ($147.99)
• SilverStone NT01-E CPU cooler ($48.99)
• SilverStone NT06-E CPU Cooler ($45.99)
• SilverStone 120mm Blue LED fan ($15.99)
• SilverStone 80mm FN81 fan ($9.99)
• SilverStone SDP08 3.5" to 2.5" Bay Converter ($8.99)

GD07 Strengths:
• Good looking and functional full-size HTPC system enclosure
• Clean brushed aluminum front door hides exposed drives and I/O panel
• Locking front door secures all drives and I/O functions
• Supports Micro-ATX, ATX and Extended-ATX motherboards
• Supports extended length graphic cards up to 13.6” long
• Four external 5.25" device bays
• Five internal 3.5" drive locations for multi-terabyte storage
• Two internal 2.5” drive locations for SSD/HDDs
• Excellent case ventilation with multiple dedicated vents
• Three 120mm intake fans provide positive case air pressure
• Removable plastic dust filters on all intake vents
• Additional mounting locations for optional case fans if desired
• USB 3.0 ports

GD07 Minor Weaknesses:
• Traditional construction (steel, plastic, aluminum) lacks that elegant hand-built feel
• Expansion cards over 9" long may have a potential clearance problem between the PCI-E power connectors and internal drive cage
• No support for liquid-cooling

SilverStone Grandia Series GD07 HTPC Chassis

Our thanks to SilverStone for sending us the Grandia GD07 HTPC case, CPU coolers, and fans to review – thank you!

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