A Detailed Look at the Dr. Power II PSU Tester

The Thermaltake Dr. Power II Universal ATX Power Supply Tester arrived securely packed inside a small retail box that highlights the unit's features and capabilities.

Inside you will find the Dr. Power II PSU Tester along with a double-sided User's Guide and a small multi-language Quick Start User Guide.

The Dr. Power II unit measures approximately 3" wide by 5" high and 0.8" deep. It features a large LCD display on the front and uses five power connectors to attach to the PSU to be tested. A push-button on the left side is used to initiate testing.

(Courtesy of Thermaltake)

(24-pin ATX Connector plugged into the bottom connector)

(8-pin CPU, 4-pin Molex, 15-pin SATA and 8-pin PCI-E into the top connectors)

(Ready to go…)

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