DICE released a trailer for their upcoming DLC pack which ignores everything except its appearance. Thankfully for the trailer, it does look pretty decent especially when you focus on medium-to-far details.

Last month DICE posted a trailer for their upcoming Armored Kill DLC with an AC-130 getting messed up.

This month DICE decided to release a much less active demo for you to stop and smell the… cedar. Not a headshot has been awarded but they are still hoping to blow your mind.

Yet another reason why it is dangerous to be a back-country skier.

Those wars just sneak up on you…

In all seriousness I am not entirely blown away by the trailer. The scenery uses lighting and shading extremely well to give big details to far away items. For a map large enough to have noticeable differences in weather at varying points it makes sense to give rich and big details to draw your eye. When you actually reach any destination the view is decent but definitely not pushing what we expect to see from the one-year-old game.

Then again – graphical updates to a game which is pushing near its one-year birthday is almost never something to sneer at. It does look really good. The real question is how much will Battlefield 4 increment their visual style over what Battlefield 3 has delivered.