A Detailed Look

The Corsair Professional Series HX850 power supply enclosure is painted dark gray and measures 180mm (7.2”) deep.  It uses a single 140mm fan on the bottom for cooling.  The dual ball bearing Ong Hua fan (HA1425H12B-Z) is designed to provide excellent airflow and is rated for 0.50A at 12VDC.  The fan doesn’t even turn on until the PSU load reaches ~20%.  As the load increases so does the cooling fan speed.

The HX850 PSU features a master On-Off switch on the back panel along with an AC receptacle and an open honeycomb grill that allows the exhaust air to exit the power supply with minimal resistance.

Around on the other end, the front panel incorporates 10 modular cable connectors. They are color coded, clearly labeled and sized so only the proper cables will plug into their corresponding sockets; very nice. 

The Corsair Professional Series HX850 power supply comes with a good assortment of fixed and modular cables and connectors.  The main power cables are covered with braided plastic mesh sleeving while the peripheral cables use flat ribbon cable.  The cables are all on the long side to support full-tower enclosures and range in length from approximately 23" to 26" long (to the first connector).

In addition to the four fixed cables, there are 13 modular cables that can be used in various configurations.  Up to six PCI-E connectors are available, although you can only use five if you need the second EPS12V 8-pin cable.


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